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Zoom!® Tooth Whitening for Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

Tooth whitening is exploding in popularity because patients know that whiter teeth can refresh and enhance their overall appearance. Dr. Loosvelt understands how important having a white smile is, and so he offers his patients two convenient tooth whitening options at our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area practice: the professional-strength Zoom!® in-office system and convenient take-home whitening products. You can view some of the amazing tooth whitening transformations achieved by our patients by visiting our results page.

Benefits of Zoom!® Tooth Whitening

We are proud to offer the Zoom!® tooth whitening system to our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area patients. The Zoom!® tooth whitening procedure is performed by our dental staff in-office and can lighten teeth an average of eight shades in a single hour-long visit. Zoom!® tooth whitening has been proven to be safe and effective, with a low risk of tooth sensitivity after treatment.

Dr. Loosvelt provides mouth trays and whitening gel with every Zoom!® procedure for touch-ups at home so that you can keep your smile brilliant.


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The Zoom!® Tooth Whitening Procedure

Tooth Whitening Before and After Photos

To begin the Zoom!® tooth whitening process, we will cover your lips and gums so that only your teeth are exposed. Dr. Loosvelt will then apply the Zoom!® whitening gel to your teeth and activate its whitening power with a special light. The light helps the powerful yet gentle Zoom!® whitening gel penetrate your teeth and break up deep stains and discolorations. After a short wait, the gel is washed off, and you will see dramatic results.

If you are interested in tooth whitening, contact our practice, serving Beverly Hills and Los Angles, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Loosvelt today.

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Take-home Tooth Whitening

Take-home tooth whitening products can be administered in the comfort of one's own home. Using a set of customized mouth trays and a whitening gel, our take-home tooth whitening system will give you beautiful results in just 7 to 10 days. We make impressions of your teeth so that your customized tooth whitening tray can be crafted, and give you detailed instructions on how to use the trays at home with the whitening gel.

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Contact Us for Professional Tooth Whitening

Whatever your schedule and tooth whitening preference, we can help you achieve a bright, beautiful smile in a short time. Contact Century City Aesthetic Dentistry to schedule your tooth whitening consultation at our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area practice today.

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To learn more about our tooth whitening options, contact our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area practice today.

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Case 5 - Before and After Photos - Porcelain Veneers

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