Maximum Comfort with Sedation Dentistry at Our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Area Practice

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you may be an excellent candidate for sedation dentistry at our Beverly Hills practice. Dr. Loosvelt can administer dental sedation to help our patients undergo a range of dental procedures, and it can also help him perform multiple procedures in just one appointment at our practice serving Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Learn more about sedation dentistry and how it can benefit you by reading the information below.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?
Sedation dentistry can help our patients who are nervous about undergoing dental treatment. Patients at our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area practice who choose to undergo sedation dentistry are able to achieve a beautiful smile without anxiety. Dr. Loosvelt cares about his patients’ health and comfort, which is why he is committed to offering them the benefits of sedation dentistry.

Is Dr. Loosvelt Experienced in Sedation Dentistry?
In addition to being a respected expert in the practice of sedation dentistry, Dr. Loosvelt is also a member of the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation.

What to Expect from Our Beverly Hills Practice When Undergoing Sedation Dentistry
When you choose to undergo sedation dentistry for your cosmetic dentistry treatments, you will be given medication just before the procedure to help you relax. You will remain conscious, but you may sleep throughout the appointment and may not remember much of it afterwards. You will be completely relaxed and will not need to have general anesthesia. Dr. Loosvelt and his team are knowledgeable and experienced in sedation dentistry. Our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area patients who choose sedation dentistry will be monitored by our medical staff throughout their procedures to ensure safety.

Contact Our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Practice for Sedation Dentistry
Please contact Dr. Loosvelt today to learn more about sedation dentistry at our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area practice. Dr. Loosvelt can help you determine whether sedation dentistry is the appropriate treatment for your dental anxiety.

We offer a complete range of dental procedures at Century City Aesthetic Dentistry in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. Contact our cosmetic dentist for more information on a particular procedure, or visit our cosmetic dentistry procedures page.


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