Composite, Tooth-colored Fillings

Often, our tooth whitening patients who have old metal fillings find that bleaching, alone, is not enough to help them achieve the dental makeover they desire. If conspicuous metal fillings are preventing you from having the smile you want, composite fillings may be the answer. In the past, metal cavity fillings were standard, but now they can be a thing of the past!

Tooth-colored Fillings – Before and After PhotosDr. Loosvelt uses tooth-colored composite fillings to restore strength and health to the teeth while maintaining their natural appearance. If you have a cavity that needs to be filled, or if you would like to have your metal fillings replaced, composite fillings are a great alternative. Because they contain no mercury, they are a safe way to repair damaged teeth, and their natural color makes them an ideal aesthetic choice. In addition, the composite material is strong and long lasting.


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